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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Air date - Mon 6th of June 2005

Will Ferrell; George Lopez; musical guest Keith Urban.

Air date - Tue 7th of June 2005

Adam Brody; Chris Matthews (""Hardball with Chris Matthews""); musical group The Bravery.

Air date - Wed 8th of June 2005

Tom Cruise; chef Chandler Goff; singer Toby Keith.

Air date - Thu 9th of June 2005

Heather Locklear; John Leguizamo; Foo Fighters.

Air date - Fri 10th of June 2005

Paul Giamatti; bug man Ruud Kleinpaste; the Pussycat Dolls.

Air date - Mon 13th of June 2005

Hilary Duff; comic Jim Norton; musical group Kaiser Chiefs.

Air date - Tue 14th of June 2005

Animal expert Jarod Miller; Cedric the Entertainer (""The Honeymooners""); singer Dwight Yoakam.

Air date - Wed 15th of June 2005

Kathy & Paris Hilton; Duane ""Dog"" Chapman (""The Bounty Hunter""); musical guests John Scofield and John Mayer.

Air date - Thu 16th of June 2005

Lindsay Lohan (""Herbie: Fully Loaded""); actor Jeremy Piven; musical group The Backstreet Boys.

Air date - Fri 17th of June 2005

Attorney Tom Mesereau; Paul Teutel, Sr., Paul Teutel, Jr. & Mikey Teutel (""American Chopper""); singer Courtney Jaye.

Air date - Mon 20th of June 2005

Martin Lawrence; Keith Olbermann (""Countdown with Keith Olbermann""); musical group Sugar Ray.

Air date - Tue 21st of June 2005

Sinbad; actress Amber Tamblyn; performers from the documentary ""Rise.""

Air date - Wed 22nd of June 2005

Dr. Phil McGraw; Ebert & Roeper; singer Kathleen Edwards.

Air date - Thu 23rd of June 2005

Don Rickles; chef Bobby Flay; singer Tracy Bonham.

Air date - Fri 24th of June 2005

Arnold Schwarzenegger; Larry the Cable Guy; musical group Black Eyed Peas.

Air date - Tue 5th of July 2005

Michael Clarke Duncan; actress Ariel Gade; Ringo Starr.

Air date - Wed 6th of July 2005

Roseanne Barr; singer Bo Bice.

Air date - Thu 7th of July 2005

Jessica Alba; Earvin ""Magic"" Johnson; Cirque du Soleil's ""Zumanity.""

Air date - Fri 8th of July 2005

Owen Wilson; singer Kem.

Air date - Mon 11th of July 2005

Tom Arnold; DJ Qualls; Relient K.

Air date - Tue 12th of July 2005

Dakota Fanning; actor Terrence Howard; musical group Rascal Flatts.

Air date - Wed 13th of July 2005

Johnny Depp; Eva Mendes; musical group Shout Out Louds.

Air date - Fri 9th of December 2005

Scarlett Johansson