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Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Air date - Fri 12th of March 1999

Air date - Fri 14th of March 1997

Air date - Fri 17th of March 1995

Air date - Fri 12th of March 1993

Air date - Fri 13th of March 1992

Air date - Fri 5th of February 1988

Air date - Fri 25th of April 1986

Air date - Fri 10th of March 1989

Air date - Fri 15th of March 1991

Air date - Sat 12th of June 1999

Air date - Fri 16th of March 2001

Air date - Fri 14th of March 2003

First segment, hosted by Jonathan Ross: Jack Dee stands on pole 55 feet above Television Centre. Gareth Gates and the cast of The Kumars at No. 42 sing ""Spirit in the Sky."" Westlife sings. Vanessa Feltz serenades Jack Dee. Second segment, hosted by Lenny Henry and Ant & Dec. Ms. Dynamite sings. Kym Ryder and Jack Ryder appear on Mr. & Mesmorised. Third segment, hosted by Vic & Bob: A tribute to Jim Rockford. Fourth segment, hosted by Jonathan Ross: Unseen footage of the Martin Bashir/Michael Jackson interview (""Lying to Michael Jackson""). Kevin Not Perry. Coldplay perform. Ricky Gervais's Video Diary. Keith Barret on marriage. Fifth segment, hosted by Graham Norton: Ali G interview Boutros-Boutros Ghali. Graham's hair gods makeover audience members. Nina Conti performs. Sixth segment: Adam & Joe's Comedy Masterclass. Special episodes: French & Saunders, EastEnders, Celebrity Driving School, Fame Academy, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, University Challenge, Streetmate, Smack the Pony, Bla

Air date - Fri 11th of March 2005

Air date - Fri 12th of March 1999

Before the Doctor can settle down to married life, he must face one last confrontation with his deadly enemy of certain death - the Master.

Air date - Fri 16th of March 2007

The Top Gear boys mix the usual elements of Top Gear with Top of the Pops, the music chart show that was cancelled in 2006. Featuring performances from Lethal Bizzle, Travis, Supergrass and McFly.

Air date - Fri 18th of March 2011