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The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Air date - Wed 24th of September 2003

With the addition of many new elements to the show including a surprise appearance by the Bachelor's mother at the first rose ceremony and an unexpected ""in the field"" rose ceremony during one of the dates that sends one woman home on the spot. The Bachelor returns for a fourth season! The charming and lovable Bob Guiney, who won the hearts of people across the country when he appeared as a suitor to Trista Rehn on The Bachelorette, is the new Bachelor.

Air date - Wed 1st of October 2003

Air date - Wed 8th of October 2003

Air date - Wed 15th of October 2003

Air date - Wed 22nd of October 2003

Air date - Wed 29th of October 2003

ABC Press Release: Episode 406: Bob's relationships with the final four women get more serious as he travels to their very different hometowns to meet their family and friends. Bob goes on a trip to meet Mary's Cuban parents who don't speak English, he visits with the five women in Kelly Jo's family. Bob then goes on a trip to Meredith's hometown, during which he tries to help her find closure in the wake of her grandmother's death, then Bob spends an evening with Estella and her mother in Beverly Hills. In the end, Bob finds himself with four women whom he cares about deeply, but only three roses, on "The Bachelor," WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29. The four remaining ladies are: Mary, 35, Sales Manager, Tampa, FL Estella, 27, Mortgage Broker, Beverly Hills, CA Kelly Jo, 24, Marketing Analyst, Chicago, IL Meredith, 29, Model/ Make-up Artist, West Hollywood, CA

Air date - Wed 5th of November 2003

Air date - Thu 20th of November 2003

Air date - Wed 12th of November 2003

Air date - Wed 19th of November 2003