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Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O

Air date - Thu 15th of September 1977

An Irish terrorist uses disguise and deception in order to be able to smuggle explosives for the Troubles.

Air date - Thu 22nd of September 1977

When a sea-freighter is hijacked, the wealthy millionaire owner calls in Five-O, but all is not how it seems...

Air date - Thu 29th of September 1977

McGarrett must solve both a mysterious kidnapping and the problem of having a nosy reporter analysing his every move.

Air date - Thu 13th of October 1977

McGarrett engages in a personal struggle to clear the record of an officer and close friend accused of criminal activity.

Air date - Thu 20th of October 1977

Five-O must find out whether the death of an archaeologist is linked to his supposed desecration of tomb of King Kamehameha.

Air date - Thu 27th of October 1977

The return of a disgraced alcoholic policeman causes extra problems in the pursuit of a pair of armoured truck robbers.

Air date - Thu 10th of November 1977

McGarrett must deal with an astronaut turned real-estate salesman in order to crack the case of a murdered reporter.

Air date - Thu 17th of November 1977

When a Russian tennis star wants to defect, McGarrett must work to prevent an international incident.

Air date - Thu 8th of December 1977

A secret submarine, the murder of a Navy officer and strange amnesia create a puzzling case for Steve McGarrett.

Air date - Thu 22nd of December 1977

A gang of university students plan a hoax tidal wave in order to steal priceless jewellery.

Air date - Thu 29th of December 1977

When an Asian ex-leader dies in a seemingly accidental swimming incident, his wife is convinced that he was murdered by forces from their home country.

Air date - Thu 5th of January 1978

McGarrett becomes involved in a love triangle between a young local man, a rich girl and her father who hates the Hawaiian origins of the boy.

Air date - Thu 12th of January 1978

A young doctor is suspected of having been involved in the murder of his mentor.

Air date - Thu 2nd of February 1978

In order to find out the identity of the murderer of a union leader, McGarrett goes undercover as a longshoreman.

Air date - Thu 9th of February 1978

An up-and-coming young politician is blackmailed in order to affect his leadership of an congressional investigation.

Air date - Thu 16th of February 1978

While pursuing a drug dealer, McGarrett also has to contend with a federal agent.

Air date - Thu 2nd of March 1978

Danno must deal with a surfer, one of his friends, who is suspected of the murder of a girl.

Air date - Thu 9th of March 1978

A female undercover cop threatens the progress of an investigation when she starts a relationship with a man connected to the case.

Air date - Thu 16th of March 1978

A Japanese businessman comes under attack from a young man whose father suffered in an Japanese Prisoner of War camp.

Air date - Thu 23rd of March 1978

McGarrett must deal with an apparent mass murderer when a will creates a fortune for the last family member left alive.

Air date - Thu 30th of March 1978

A cryogenics institute comes under suspicion when an investigative writer becomes involved.

Air date - Thu 13th of April 1978

Five-O must deal with the kidnapping of an Arab princess, and Steve must also deal with an Italian female journalist's constant interruptions.

Air date - Thu 27th of April 1978

Five-O become involved in a complex case of body-switching, mystery investments and suitcases full of money.

Air date - Thu 4th of May 1978

Five-O's world is shattered when mobsters catch Chin Ho undercover and order him to be killed.