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Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O

Air date - Tue 14th of September 1971

A ten year old case is reopened when an archaeological dig unearths the skeletons of two murder victims.

Air date - Tue 21st of September 1971

Gangster Johnny Oporta arranges for his enemies to be murdered and then covers up his crimes by incinerating their bodies. McGarrett and the others must stop this murderous spree.

Air date - Tue 28th of September 1971

Vic Tanaka is murdering women and painting their faces to resemble a prostitute he once knew, who is now happily married. McGarrett and his team must find the killer before he does any more damage.

Air date - Tue 5th of October 1971

Five-O is up against a sophisticated gang who have come to Hawaii to cash $750,000 of traveller's cheques.

Air date - Tue 12th of October 1971

A hippie robs an embezzler of the key to a locker containing $250,000. Meanwhile, Danno is trying to contact the daughter of his Berkeley University landlady, who happens to be the hippie's girlfriend...

Air date - Tue 19th of October 1971

Young Vietnam veteran and marksman Billy Shem Jr. buys a rifle under false pretences and proceeds to a bunker at Diamond Head. He then takes pot shots at the people on the road and then the police who arrive. McGarrett must neutralise the threat he poses by any means possible.

Air date - Tue 26th of October 1971

While investigating the death of a security agent at an airport, McGarrett comes into contact with a gang who hijack cargo.

Air date - Tue 2nd of November 1971

Five seemingly good citizens with different motives band together to steal $6,000,000 while McGarrett is away on Maui at a trial.

Air date - Tue 9th of November 1971

McGarrett finds holes in a convict's story and a husband becomes a suspect in the murder of his wife.

Air date - Tue 16th of November 1971

A policeman who was kicked off the force blames McGarrett and Five-O and plans to kill the Governor.

Air date - Tue 23rd of November 1971

McGarrett must deal with the conflicts between four gangs of differing ethnic background, and try to uncover illegal activities.

Air date - Tue 30th of November 1971

A mob boss seeks revenge on a former boxer who smashed the hand of a novice to prevent him from ending up ruining his life in the boxing ring.

Air date - Tue 21st of December 1971

McGarrett and the team must find out who is behind a series of ecological stunts, when it is feared that a company executive will be their next target.

Air date - Tue 28th of December 1971

A veteran criminal who has already had dealings with Five-O escapes, and plans to steal millions of dollars from drug smugglers.

Air date - Tue 4th of January 1972

A woman attempts suicide in order to get her boyfriend to come out into the open and expose himself to an assassination attempt.

Air date - Tue 11th of January 1972

McGarrett is framed in an elaborate set up by Wo Fat, and has to contend with a foreign double amongst other problems.

Air date - Tue 18th of January 1972

Several faces from the past reappear as McGarrett must stop Wo Fat from carrying out his plan, a ninety second attack on a missile tracking base.

Air date - Tue 25th of January 1972

When a young woman is beaten and raped and a soldier is arrested for the crime, McGarrett begins to have doubts about his guilt.

Air date - Tue 1st of February 1972

An eccentric billionaire is accused of murdering a business associate, but will not leave his boat to defend himself against the accusations, allowing his associates to declare him mentally incompetent.

Air date - Tue 8th of February 1972

Three real estate crooks die horrible and mysterious shellfish related deaths, and McGarrett and the others must establish the link between them, and who has reason to want them dead.

Air date - Tue 15th of February 1972

McGarrett sets up a cordon of police around a young woman to capture her boyfriend who has escaped from jail, but all is not as it seems...

Air date - Tue 22nd of February 1972

A young widow becomes part of a blackmail plot involving the murder of a Chicago mobster.

Air date - Tue 29th of February 1972

Danno goes undercover onboard a Navy ship to try and uncover how sailors are smuggling heroin onto the islands.

Air date - Tue 7th of March 1972

A psychotic man named Ralston is killing the wives of members of his army unit, and Five-O, including Kono on his last case, must stop him before he commits any more crazed attacks.