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Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs

Air date - Tue 26th of July 2005

Garbage collector/recycling separator, shark catcher/tagger, car recycling

Air date - Tue 2nd of August 2005

Sewer inspector, disaster cleanup crew member (basement sewer), demolition worker (office building interior)

Air date - Tue 9th of August 2005

Pig farmer, removing chewing gum from sidewalks (New York City), pigeon droppings removal (New York City)

Air date - Tue 16th of August 2005

Baby chicken sexer, beer brewer, oyster harvester

Air date - Tue 23rd of August 2005

Exterminator, crab fisherman, blacksmith/farrier

Air date - Tue 30th of August 2005

Mike Rowe gets dirty as he works with surfboard shaper Matt Barker. Mike masters the art of shaping a surfboard from Styrofoam. And Mike goes underground into a greasy pit of sludge as he joins an environmental company that recycles the gunky grime.

Air date - Tue 27th of September 2005

Mike first heads off to Pasadena, California and discovers the difficult step by step process in patching up a roof. Then Mike goes to New Jersey and helps move a 60 ton, 225 year old house.

Air date - Tue 4th of October 2005

Mike visits a coffee plantation in Hawaii and learns about the long process in how to make coffee, from picking the beans to roasting them. Mike then goes to Sausalito, CA to be a marine mammal rescuer and help rehabilitate some injured seals.Finally, Mike learns about ostrich farming, from their daily upkeep to collecting their eggs.

Air date - Tue 11th of October 2005

Mike visits the San Francisco Zoo and learns what it's like to be a zookeeper, essentially feeding the animals and collecting their poo.Mike then goes to Vermont to a haunted cheese making factory and learns not only how to make cheese, but the art of patience.Finally, Mike learns how to be a volcano ash mud bath mixer (spa technician) in Calistoga, CA and takes a mud bath after a very dirty day. That's not all - Mike also journeys to a live volcano in Hawaii and gets up close and personal with some very hot lava.

Air date - Tue 18th of October 2005

Mike goes to South Carolina and learns about shrimping. He also helps study the shrimp population in order to find out when it's time to open the shrimping season. Mike then goes to the swamps of Louisiana to catch some crawfish. Finally, Mike goes to Washington to clean up an illegal tire dump and recycle some tires.

Air date - Tue 25th of October 2005

Mike goes to Washington and helps build a house out of cob, which is basically a combination of sand, clay, and straw.Mike then heads to California and works alongside Dave the bee man to get rid of some bee's infesting a church.Finally, Mike goes back to Washington and helps clean out the old oil from a deep fryer at a Mexican restaurant and then recycle the oil into fuel or bio-diesel.

Air date - Tue 1st of November 2005

Mike begins by traveling to Palo Alto, CA to learn how to be a pet groomer, from cutting hair to giving baths. Mike then goes to Hawaii to turn happy green algae into unhappy red algae to be used as antioxidant gelcaps for human consumption. Finally, Mike goes to Missouri to learn how to be a charcoal factory worker. Mike ends the day with a barbeque and introduces us to the crew that help make the show.

Air date - Tue 8th of November 2005

Mike first goes to the Chimney Safety Institute of America in Plainfield, IN and learns how to be a certified chimney sweeper. Mike then goes to Ontario, Canada to salvage underwater logs, which are then used to make furniture. Finally, Mike visits a scrap metal recycler in St. Louis, MO and learns how to separate different metals and operate some big machines.